This site provides a list of programming languages which are just starting out in the world. Feel free to submit your own, or ones you know about!

Fledgling Languages

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Amber High-level programming language with self-extension.
AngelScript Flexible, C-like cross-platform scripting library meant to be embedded in applications.
Ark Systems programming language written in Go and compiles to LLVM IR.
Ash Object-oriented, imperative and interpreted language that compiles to Java bytecode.
Avail Multi-paradigmatic language whose feature set emphasizes support for articulate programming.
Bard Object-oriented, dynamic Lisp-like language.
Brat Little language for people who don't like to be told what to do.
Céu Concurrent and reactive language that offers a safer and higher-level alternative to C.
Cali-Lang Interpreted object oriented language based on Java.
Ceylon Programming language for writing large programs in a team environment.
ChaiScript Easy to use embedded scripting language for C++.
Circa Language designed for live coding.
Crema Sub-Turing Complete language with focus on security.
Crystal Compiled language with Ruby syntax and type inference.
Dao Dynamic OO language with a BNF-like macro system for defining new syntax.
Dashrep A text-manipulation programming language that saves coding time and debugging time
Duck Simple scripting language based on the idea of duck-typing
Earl Grey Little language that compiles to JavaScript.
Egison World's first language with non-linear pattern-matching against unfree data types.
ELENA General-purpose, pure object-oriented language with late binding.
Elm Type-safe, functional reactive language that compiles to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Emily Dynamic language blending functional and object-oriented styles.
Factor Concatenative, stack-based language with extensible syntax, macros, and garbage collection.
Frege A non-strict, pure functional programming language like Haskell compiled to the JVM.
Fuzuli A new general purpose programming language based on Lisp and Algol.
Golo Lightweight dynamic language for the JVM
Gremlin A graph-based programming language.
Gura Iterator-oriented programming language for data processing
Hammer English-like xTalk programming language that uses real-life metaphors.
Harlan Declarative LISP-like language for GPU programming.
Hy Dialect of Lisp that’s embedded in Python.
Idris Dependently typed, compiled functional programming language.
Julia A high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language for technical computing.
Kitten Statically typed, stack-based functional programming language with concatenative semantics.
Koka A function-oriented language with effect inference.
Kotlin A statically-typed JVM-targeted programming language by JetBrains intended for industrial use.
Lobster A language for making games.
Lux Functional, cross-platform, statically-typed Lisp.
LyteScript Stack-based, multi-paradigm programming language with minimal syntax.
Mirah A language featuring static types, local type inference and a heavily Ruby-inspired syntax.
Mond An embedded scripting language for C#.
MoonScript A programmer friendly language that compiles to Lua.
Morfa General purpose language for building DSLs, especially for scientific computing.
Myrddin Simple, low level language with type checking and inference.
Nim A wide-spectrum language: partial type inference, "generics", GC, macros, indentation syntax.
OOC A programming language with objects, first-class functions, and pink unicorns.
Orange Imperative, statically typed, C++-like systems development language.
P* Web programming language with C-like syntax.
Pez A small, lightweight, public domain, portable, highly nonstandard dialect of Forth.
Picat Logic-based multi-paradigm language intended for general-purpose applications.
Pony Object-oriented, actor-model, capabilities-secure, high performance programming language.
Potion A small object- and mixin-oriented (traits) language by _why.
Pyret Functional scripting language designed for programming education.
Qore Embeddable multi-threaded programming language.
Rascal Metaprogramming language for source code manipulation.
Red Compiled programming language strongly inspired by REBOL.
Saffire Object-oriented scripting language mixing Python, PHP, and Ruby.
Shen A portable functional programming language running on Lisp.
Skew Web-first, cross-platform programming language with an optimizing compiler.
Slate Prototype-based, multi-dispatch object-oriented language that runs in a live environment.
Solid Minimalist interpreted language, with a clean object model and a tiny VM.
Spider Safe language embracing the good side of JavaScript and avoiding the bad side.
Streem Stream-based concurrent scripting language.
Terra A statically-typed, high-performance low-level counterpart to Lua.
Typo Programming language that runs in Haskell's type system.
Ur Functional, pure, statically typed, and strict with metaprogramming based on row types.
Whiley Hybrid programming language with extended static checking.
Wren Small, clean, fast, class-based scripting language for embedding.
Yeti ML style functional programming language that runs on the JVM.
Zimbu Static, object-oriented language by the author of vim.

Unmoderated Entries

8th Secure, cross platform Forth derivative
blacklight a multithreading concatenative stack-based language
Loci Multi-paradigm systems programming language

Inactive Languages

AmbientTalk Actor-based distributed language for programs deployed in mobile ad hoc networks.
Atomy Programmable programming language targeting the Rubinius VM.
Babar Little language for machines with speech acts.
Brace Dialect of C that looks like Python.
Clever Dynamically typed, multi-paradigm programming language written in C++.
Cobra .NET/Mono language with optional typing and contracts.
Deca Higher-level systems programming language.
Fancy Dynamic, object-oriented programming language heavily inspired by Smalltalk, Ruby and Erlang.
Gelo An extensible extension programmable programming language written in Go, for Go.
GorillaScript Compile-to-JavaScript language with macros, classes, parallel loops, and more.
Gosu A pragmatic language for the JVM.
Hue A functional programming language using LLVM
IPL Language using intuitionistic type theory without recursive types.
JSOL Interpreted language with JSON syntax
Kal Clean JavaScript alternative without callbacks and simple syntax.
Luna A small, fast minimalistic language with cooperative thread concurrency.
lviv Stack-based, reverse Polish notation functional programming language
Mars Hybrid imperative/declarative higher-order language with automatic destructive update.
OMeta OMeta is a new object-oriented language for pattern matching.
rhoScript Strongly-typed stack-based concatinatitive language intended for code golfing.
Roy Statically typed, functional language that compiles to JavaScript.
Tart Tart is a general-purpose, strongly-typed programming language for high-performance applications.
Vortex Embeddable high level scripting language that compiles to Lua.