by Isaac Shelton
A reliable high-level language

Reliable & Readable

Boomslang is a reliable programming language for creating static client-end applications. It provides readable syntax with traditional abstractions from lower level code. In addition, the language gives all the tools necessary for interacting with traditional programming languages and creating easy to understand code that does

Open Source

Boomslang is completely open-source and anyone can contribute. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.0 and you can view the source code on Github.

class Dog
    String name = "An Unnamed Dog"
    Integer id = -1
    def new(String name, Integer id) = name = id
    def bark()
        "Bark Bark Bark Bark".output()
    def info()
        ("The dog " + name + " has an id of " + id.toString() + ".").output()

def main()
    Dog ruff("Ruff", 21)
Information updated 12/27/19
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