by Joakim Ahnfelt-Rønne
A purely functional, reactive scripting language

Purely functional, reactive scripting language.

  • Asynchronous I/O and reactive streaming with live updates
  • Purely functional scripting with type inference and autocompletion
  • Animated, graphical data visualization without leaving the editor
  • Includes modules for working with SSH, files, processes, HTTP and more
json <- Http.fetchJson {url: ""}

people : List {id: Int, "first_name": String, "last_name": String, avatar: String} = 

htmlImage = url -> Html.tag "img" [Html.attributes ["src" ~> url]]

peopleWithImages = people |> (
    p -> {image: htmlImage p.avatar, name: p."first_name" + " " + p."last_name"}

peopleWithImages |> View.table
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