This site provides a list of programming languages which are just starting out in the world. Feel free to submit your own, or ones you know about!

Fledgling Languages

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007 Small experimental language with a license to macro.
42 42, a language for paranoid programmers
Đ (Edh) The next-big-things ought to happen with Haskell not C/C++.
ABS Scripting language that works best when you're scripting on your terminal.
Adamant High performance language with deterministic safe resource management, and guaranteed thread safety.
Adept 2.0 Blazing fast low-level language.
Aime Simple, C like programming language and an application embeddable interpreter.
Albatross Programming language with static verification, a proof assistant and a theorem prover.
Ante Multi-paradigm compiled systems language.
Antipurity Primitive conceptual programming language.
ArkScript Small, fast, functional and scripting language for video games.
Arturo Simple, modern and powerful interpreted programming language for super-fast scripting.
Avail Multi-paradigmatic language whose feature set emphasizes support for articulate programming.
Battlestar Different take on assembly, with the goal of creating tiny executables.
Beads Single language to replace all layers of the development stack.
Beagle Flexible type system and self documenting language.
Beef Open source performance-oriented compiled language.
Berry Ultra-lightweight embedded scripting language optimized for microcontrollers.
Blacklight Multithreading concatenative stack-based language.
C2 C2 is an evolution of C; it keeps the good element, while changing the bad.
C3 C alternative, trying to stay very close to C while adding conveniences and safety.
Céu Concurrent and reactive language that offers a safer and higher-level alternative to C.
Cakelisp A transpiling language with an emphasis on compile-time code generation.
Calc4 Language where everything in its code is an operator.
Cali-Lang Interpreted object oriented language based on Java.
Cant Lisp-like language descended mainly from E and Scheme.
ChaiScript Easy to use embedded scripting language for C++.
Cicada A simple, interpreted language that can be extended with the user's own C/C++ code.
Citrine Combination of Smalltalk, Self and JavaScript with PHP-like tags.
Coconut Coconut is a simple, elegant, Pythonic functional programming language that compiles to Python.
Concurnas Language for reliable, scalable, high performance concurrent, distributed and parallel systems.
Cone Fast, fit, friendly, and safe systems programming language.
Cowgol A self-hosted Ada-inspired programming language for very small systems.
Crema Sub-Turing Complete language with focus on security.
Crush A traditional command line shell that is also a modern programming language
Crystal Compiled language with Ruby syntax and type inference.
Cuneiform Open and general functional language for large-scale data analysis.
Curv Language for making art using mathematics that supports full color, animation and 3D printing.
Cylvre A programming language for the JVM built for concise and productive programming
Dark A language built for deployless backends
Dashrep A text-manipulation programming language that saves coding time and debugging time
Dhall A programmable configuration language.
Dragon a dynamic programming language.
Earl Grey Little language that compiles to JavaScript.
eC C-style object-oriented language for simple native cross-platform development.
Egison World's first language with non-linear pattern-matching against unfree data types.
Ela Simple, powerful modern functional language with state-of-art syntax.
ELENA General-purpose, pure object-oriented language with late binding.
Eta Powerful language to build concurrent & distributed systems on the JVM.
ETAC ETAC™ (pronounced: E-tack) is a general purpose dictionary and stack based interpreted script programming language fully capable of traditional high-le...
Euphoria Powerful but easy-to-learn language with simple syntax and structure with consistent rules.
Evolve Interpreted language designed to be easy to use so anyone can pick it up and write a program.
FAUST Functional language specifically designed for real-time signal processing and synthesis.
fbgc Tiny lightweight multipurpose programming language written in C
Feral An interpreted, procedural, general purpose programming language which is fundamentally developed to write scripts in a very simple and efficient manne...
Flix Next-generation reliable, safe, concise, and functional-first programming language.
floyd General-purpose programming language with a unique take on programming and performanc
Formality An efficient proof language
Free A programming language with an unusual compiler backend
Frege A non-strict, pure functional programming language like Haskell compiled to the JVM.
Frost A high-level, general-purpose multiparadigm programming language.
Futhark Data-parallel, functional array language designed to be compiled to highly performant GPU code.
Fuzuli A new general purpose programming language based on Lisp and Algol.
Gleam Statically typed functional programming language for building scalable concurrent systems.
Gluon Type inferred, functional, concise, written and interopable with Rust, designed for embedding.
Goat High-level, dynamic, weakly typed, prototype-based, multi-paradigm, and interpreted language.
Golo Lightweight dynamic language for the JVM
Goose Goose is a programming language in development that aims at being (yet another) c++ alternative.
GorillaScript Compile-to-JavaScript language with macros, classes, parallel loops, and more.
Gosu A pragmatic language for the JVM.
Grain Grain is a new programming language that compiles to WebAssembly via Binaryen.
GraRLS Graphics Programing Language
Gravity Lightweight embeddable dynamic language with concurrency.
Gura Iterator-oriented programming language for data processing
Gwion Gwion is a strongly timed programming language for making music.
Hades A systems level programming language that compiles to LLVM
Halunke Dynamic OO language with ideas traditionally described as "functional".
Hermes A C-like scripting language.
Hobbes A language, embedded compiler, and runtime for efficient dynamic expression evaluation, data storage and analysis
Horse64 Dynamically typed language with static scopes and other sanity fixes for common scripting pitfalls.
Hy Dialect of Lisp that’s embedded in Python.
Idris A general purpose pure functional programming language with dependent types.
Imba Server and client web programming language with DOM manipulation built in.
Inko Safe and concurrent object-oriented programming, without the headaches.
Janet Functional and imperative Lisp-like language and bytecode interpreter.
Javauto Java based automation programming language.
Jet A simple scripting language for C++
Jingle Jingle is a new & simple programming language for modern-day coding that aims to provide speed without the braces.
Jinx Embeddable scripting language with asynchronous and thread-safe operation by default.
Jolie First language for natively programming microservices.
Juvix A high-level frontend syntax, dependent-linearly-typed core language
Killa A programming language based in Lua and Javascript.
Kima A Programming Language with static types and algebraic effects.
Kit Programming language designed for creating concise, high performance cross-platform applications
Kitten Statically typed, stack-based functional programming language with concatenative semantics.
Koka A function-oriented language with effect inference.
L.B. Stanza Optionally-typed, prototype-based, compiled, general-purpose language
Lean Open source theorem prover and programming language
leekscript A dynamically typed, compiled just-in-time programming language
Lily Interpreted language with a focus on expressiveness and type safety.
liquid A scripting language.
Little Statically typed, C-like scripting language built on top of the Tcl/TK system.
Lobster A language for making games.
Loci Multi-paradigm systems programming language.
Luna A small, fast minimalistic language with cooperative thread concurrency.
Lux Functional, cross-platform, statically-typed Lisp.
LyteScript Stack-based, multi-paradigm programming language with minimal syntax.
Min Functional, concatenative language with a minimalist syntax and advanced REPL.
Mint The programming language for writing single page applications
Mond An embedded scripting language for C#.
MoonScript A programmer friendly language that compiles to Lua.
Myrddin Simple, low level language with type checking and inference.
Myst Language for clarity from the start, flexibility when you need it, and efficiency where it matters.
Neeilang A lightweight programming language that is performant, type-safe and effortless
Never Strongly typed, call by value, pure functional programming language.
Next Scripting Highly flexible, Tcl-based, object-oriented scripting language.
Nickel A toy language with JIT interpreter
Nim A wide-spectrum language: partial type inference, "generics", GC, macros, indentation syntax.
Odin A fast, concise, readable, pragmatic and open sourced systems language.
OOC A programming language with objects, first-class functions, and pink unicorns.
Orange Imperative, statically typed, C++-like systems development language.
Orca Esoteric Programming Language
Oweb An imperative, statically but weakly typed systems programming language with manual memory management.
OwlSL Scripting language with a very similar syntax to that of C++ and C#.
Oxyl Oxyl is a programming language designed as minimally as possible while also allowing extreme power in diverse, non-turing complete environments.
P* Web programming language with C-like syntax.
Picat Logic-based multi-paradigm language intended for general-purpose applications.
Plasma Striking a balance between functional and imperative programming.
Pony Object-oriented, actor-model, capabilities-secure, high performance programming language.
PROSE Language designed to simplify the development of small and large-scale networked applications.
PseudoD Interpreted language written in C++ with syntax completely in Spanish.
Pure Modern-style functional programming language based on term rewriting.
Purescript Haskell-like functional language compiling to Javascript.
Push Designed for evolutionary computation to be used as the language for evolving programs.
Pyret Functional scripting language designed for programming education.
Qore Embeddable multi-threaded programming language.
Quorum General purpose "evidence-based" language originally designed for blind progammers.
Rascal Metaprogramming language for source code manipulation.
Ravi A derivative of Lua with limited optional static typing and features LLVM and Eclipse OMR powered JIT compilers
Red Compiled programming language strongly inspired by REBOL.
Ring General-purpose multi-paradigm scripting language that can be embedded in C/C++ projects.
Rix Efficient language with power of C and the convenience of a high level language.
Rumi A low level language that has functional properties and can be linked with C
Seq A language for bioinformatics
Shen A portable functional programming language running on Lisp.
Sidef Modern, high-level, general-purpose programming language, inspired by Ruby, Raku and Julia.
Sink Minimal language for embedding small scripts in larger programs.
Smalldragon Small statically typed language that transpiles to C.
Sono High-level scripting language with capabilities built for Linguistics
Spiral Functional language with intentional polymorphism and first-class staging.
Spry Smalltalk and Rebol inspired language implemented in Nim.
Steganographic BF A steganographic programming language interepreted from the length of git commit messages.
Strato Attempt at a programming language without any reserved words.
Streem Stream-based concurrent scripting language.
Terra A statically-typed, high-performance low-level counterpart to Lua.
TopShell A purely functional, reactive scripting language
Toy Language The Toy Programming Language
Tuplex A statically compiled, imperative, strongly typed programming language
TXR Combination of pattern-based text extraction language and an innovative Lisp dialect.
uLisp Very small Lisp interpreter for Arduino microcomputers
Umka A statically typed embeddable scripting language
Unison Modern, statically-typed purely functional language.
V Simple, fast, safe language with an extremely fast compiler.
Vaquero Lisp-like scripting language for cowboy coders.
Varyx General-purpose, high-level programming language.
Whiley Hybrid programming language with extended static checking.
Wren Small, clean, fast, class-based scripting language for embedding.
Wu Expression oriented, gradually typed and mission-critical programming language.
Yeti ML style functional programming language that runs on the JVM.
Zig Open-source language designed for robustness, optimality, and clarity.
Zimbu Static, object-oriented language by the author of vim.

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Lil Multi-paradigm dynamic scripting language with first-class tables and queries.
Next Generation Shell A modern programming language for DevOps
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Inactive Languages

Amber High-level programming language with self-extension.
AmbientTalk Actor-based distributed language for programs deployed in mobile ad hoc networks.
Aria Embeddable Lisp-shaped language implemented in C89.
Ark Systems programming language written in Go and compiles to LLVM IR.
Ash Object-oriented, imperative and interpreted language that compiles to Java bytecode.
Atomy Programmable programming language targeting the Rubinius VM.
Babar Little language for machines with speech acts.
Bard Object-oriented, dynamic Lisp-like language.
Boomslang Static language that uses indentation for blocks.
Brace Dialect of C that looks like Python.
Brat Little language for people who don't like to be told what to do.
Circa Language designed for live coding.
Clever Dynamically typed, multi-paradigm programming language written in C++.
Cobra .NET/Mono language with optional typing and contracts.
Dao Dynamic OO language with a BNF-like macro system for defining new syntax.
Deca Higher-level systems programming language.
Dio A statically typed compiled language.
Duck Simple scripting language based on the idea of duck-typing
Emily Dynamic language blending functional and object-oriented styles.
Fancy Dynamic, object-oriented programming language heavily inspired by Smalltalk, Ruby and Erlang.
GameMonkey A embedded scripting language that is intended for use in game and tool applications.
Gelo An extensible extension programmable programming language written in Go, for Go.
Gremlin A graph-based programming language.
Hammer English-like xTalk programming language that uses real-life metaphors.
Harlan Declarative LISP-like language for GPU programming.
Hue A functional programming language using LLVM
IPL Language using intuitionistic type theory without recursive types.
JSOL Interpreted language with JSON syntax
Kal Clean JavaScript alternative without callbacks and simple syntax.
lviv Stack-based, reverse Polish notation functional programming language
Mars Hybrid imperative/declarative higher-order language with automatic destructive update.
Mirah A language featuring static types, local type inference and a heavily Ruby-inspired syntax.
Mythryl Fork of Standard ML/NJ to a more C like syntax.
One An open source, self-hosted, bootstrapping system programming language. It is easy to build, reliable, and efficient performance software.
Pez A small, lightweight, public domain, portable, highly nonstandard dialect of Forth.
Pliant Began as a programming language, now a full development system.
poca Yet another scripting language
Potion A small object- and mixin-oriented (traits) language by _why.
rhoScript Strongly-typed stack-based concatinatitive language intended for code golfing.
Roy Statically typed, functional language that compiles to JavaScript.
Saffire Object-oriented scripting language mixing Python, PHP, and Ruby.
Skew Web-first, cross-platform programming language with an optimizing compiler.
Slate Prototype-based, multi-dispatch object-oriented language that runs in a live environment.
Smudge The modern and fun way to program.
Solid Minimalist interpreted language, with a clean object model and a tiny VM.
Spider Safe language embracing the good side of JavaScript and avoiding the bad side.
Tart Tart is a general-purpose, strongly-typed programming language for high-performance applications.
TeenyScript Superset of AutoIt which makes it more advanced.
Typo Programming language that runs in Haskell's type system.
Ur Functional, pure, statically typed, and strict with metaprogramming based on row types.
Verve Functional language for the working hacker.
Vortex Embeddable high level scripting language that compiles to Lua.