by Marco Servetto
42, a language for paranoid programmers

42 is an object oriented language where metaprogramming and an expressive type system cooperate into creating a secure programming environment, where modular security properties can be enforced even in the presence of adversarial code running in our security critical processes.

Person = Data:{
  var S name, var S.List allergies
  @Cache.Now class method 
  Void invariant(S name, S.List allergies) = X[
    !name.isEmpty() msg=
      S"Persons names can not be empty";
    allergies.size()<10I msg=
      S"Too many allergies for a person";
Main = (
  bob = Person(name=S"Bob", allergies=\[S"dust";S"pollen"])
  Debug(S"Hello to %bob !!")
Information updated 10/07/22
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