by Compl Yue
The next-big-things ought to happen with Haskell not C/C++.

What is Đ (Edh)

Edh as a programming language is born just recently, but it's vastly neither new, major ideas all come from successful languages like Python, Go, JavaScript, and especially Haskell, verified in the field. There're a few creative attempts though, but in mind is kept that overly smart not to be about.

Edh code is imperative, runs embedded in Haskell (GHC), interpreted.

Đ: import (**ops) 'batteries/magic'
<object: <module>>
Đ: ops
pkargs( *=<operator: (*) 7>, +=<operator: (+) 6>, -=<operator: (-) 6>, /=<operator: (/) 7>, )
Đ: import ((+) as the'plus'op, **_) 'batteries/magic'
<object: <module>>
Đ: the'plus'op
<operator: (+) 6>
Đ: import ((+)) 'batteries/magic'
* 😱 *
📜 <interactive> 🔎 <adhoc>:1:1
💣 Extraneous keyword arguments: * - /
👉 <interactive>:1:1
Information updated 01/27/20
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