by Isaac Shelton
Blazing fast low-level language.

Excellent Performance Adept on average executes as fast or faster than comparable code in traditional languages. Using top industry standards for optimization along with zero-cost abstractions, it provides a solid foundation for performance. Not only is the resulting machine code extremely fast, but the compiler is too. Adept code can be compiled many times faster than most traditional languages.

Full Low-Level Access Adept provides full low-level access to native C APIs as well as modules written in native assembly. Utilizing complete access to the under-lying machine, Adept lets you cut corners when you decide it's necessary and doesn't get in your way while you're doing it.

Minimal and Comprehensible Adept has consistent syntax and has numerous mechanisms for compacting code that doesn't deserve the amount of lines it takes up. The language's minimal design allows for clean code that's readable and can easily understood.

import 'sys/cstdio.adept'

struct Person (name *ubyte, age int)

func main(in argc int, in argv **ubyte) int {
    john_smith Person; john_smith.create('John Smith', 36)
    return 0

func create(this *Person, name *ubyte, age int) void { = name
    this.age = age

func print(this *Person) void {
    printf('%s is %d years old\n',, this.age)
Information updated 01/27/20
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