Multi-paradigm compiled systems language.

Ante is a multi-paradigm systems language focusing on ease of use and speed.

Features: - Compile-time execution by default, no more constexpr - Extensible types (add methods outside of type definition) - Reference counted smart pointers by default with unique pointers used whenever possible automatically. - Ability to create raw pointers when wanted with raw keyword. - No worrying about memory, and no garbage collector - Strong type system with type inference - Explicit mutation methods - Immutable by default - First class support for ranges - Significant whitespace after newlines.

~Type Extensions:
ext Str
    fun getMsg => Str
        return "Hello World!"

    fun getFirstWord: self => Str
        return self.split()[0]

print( Str.getMsg() )
~output: Hello World!

print( "Hello World!".getFirstWord() )
~output: Hello

~Pointer autofree:
let ptr = new 7

var num = new 5
@num = 28

~Create buf, a raw pointer to an array
~Filled with the numbers from 0 to 28 inclusive.
let raw buf = new [0..28]

~Unlike the pointers above, buf must be manually freed.

fun add: i32 a b => i32
    return a + b

~Explicit currying:
let increment = add(_, 1)

~Algebraic Type System:
data Maybe
    Some('t) | None

~Easy generics with type variables

fun mul: 't a b => 't
    return a * b

~String/array concatenation operator:
print(5 + 3 ++ " <- answer")

~output: 53 <- answer
Information updated 06/26/16
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