Primitive conceptual programming language.

The Conceptual language aims to completely separate all features and quirks of programming and bring them to the realm of concepts, bridging machines and minds. This language is not a goal in itself, but a platform for the future; understanding this future allows to put its features into their proper context.

txt	'(examples F): Returns examples of usage of a function, in `(… (CodeString BecomesString) …)` format.
(examples): Returns all available examples in a (… (Name … (CodeString BecomesString) …) …) format.'
call	(_jsEval "function(f) {
  if (_isArray(f)) return error
  if (f === undefined) {
    // Accumulate all examples (from parse.ctx).
    const result = [map]
    parse.ctx.forEach((v,k) => {
      if (k[0] === '_') return
      const r = _getDataOverride(v, examples)
      if (r !== undefined)
        result.push(v, r)
    return result
  } else
    return _checkOverride(f, examples, f)
Information updated 01/27/20
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