by Alexandre Plateau
Small, fast, functional and scripting language for video games.

ArkScript is

  • small: the compiler, and the virtual machines fit under 5000 lines, but also small in term of keywords (it has only 10)!
  • a scripting language: it's very easy to embed it in your application. The FFI is quite easy to understand, so adding your own functions to the virtual machine is effortless
  • portable: it produces a bytecode which is run by its virtual machine, like Java but without the OutOfMemoryException
  • a functional language: every parameters are passed by value, everything is immutable unless you use mut to define a mutable variable
  • powerful: it can handle object oriented programming in a very elegant way with its closures and explicit captures (see examples/church-encoding)
  • promoting functionalities before performances: expressiveness often brings more productivity, but performances aren't bad at all
  • easy to compile: it takes less than 200ms to compile and check a complex code with a lot of branches and sub-branches of 200 lines.
  • a Lisp-like, but with less parentheses: [...] is expanded to (list ...) and {} to (begin ...). More shorthands will come in the future.
    # more or less game
    (print "More or less game!")

    (import "")
    (import "Math/Arithmetic.ark")

    (let number (mod (abs (random)) 10000))
    (mut value 0)
    (mut essais 0)

    (mut continue true)

    (while continue {
        (set value (toNumber (input "Input a numeric value: ")))

        (if (< value number)
            # then
            (print "More!")
            # else
            (if (= value number)
                # then
                { (print "Bingo!") (set continue false) }
                # else
                (print "Less!")))

        (set essais (+ 1 essais))})

    (print "You won in " essais " tries")
Information updated 02/07/20
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