by Yanis Zafirópulos
Simple, modern and powerful interpreted programming language for super-fast scripting.

The Language

Arturo is a modern programming language, vaguely inspired by various other ones - including but not limited to Ruby, Haskell, D, SDL, Tcl and Lisp.

The language has been designed following some very simple and straightforward principles:

Everything is a simple statement

There are no "special" language constructs. Everything you see is a statement in the form ID <expression> <expression> <expression> .... An assignment is nothing but a labeled statement. LABEL: <statement>

Code is data - and data is code

Arturo can be used both as a data-interchange format and a programming language. Basically all data structures are valid code and all code can be represented as a data structure. Think of it as SDL/Json/YAML/XML combined with the power of Lisp - but without the... sea of opening and closing parentheses.

"Very basic test in Arturo"

// var assignment
maxLimit 10
arr #(1 2 3 4 5)
dict #{ 
    name "john"
    surname "doe" 

// foreach loop
loop $(range 1 maxLimit) {
    print "Num = " + &
Information updated 05/04/20
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