by Alex Suraci
This project appears to have gone dormant. It will be removed from the list soon unless new activity is noted.
Programmable programming language targeting the Rubinius VM.

Atomy is a language designed to grow. It achieves this goal by having a very simple grammar, much like Lisp. Rather than statements, everything in Atomy is an expression. These expressions are not merely written, they are designed. Readability, concision, and flow are the primary goal, and this goal is most easily achieved by keeping the grammar small, and building everything up from there with macros and metaprogramming.

  Beside(@left, @right, @space?)
  Above(@above, @below, @overlap?)

Empty width := 0
Text width := @value size
Beside width :=
    then: 1 + @left width + @right width
    else: @left width + @right width
Above width := [@above width, @below width] max

(l: Doc) <+> (r: Doc) := Beside new(l, r, true)
(d: Doc) <+> Empty := d
Empty    <+> (d: Doc) := d
(l: Doc) <+> (a: Above) := do:
  first = l <+> a above
  rest = a below nest(l width + 1)
  Above new(first, rest, a overlap?)
Information updated 02/05/15
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