by Alex Couch
Flexible type system and self documenting language.


  • Flexible type system. A type system that allows for 'type ignorance'
  • Self Doumenting. Language design is centered around definitions
  • Highly Debuggable. Ability to create a debug executable which allows you to utilize visual debuggers
  • Highly Concurrent. Simple thread and task definitions
  • Highly Portable/Modular. Clean build system, similar to Rust's build system and module support
  • Clean VCS Integration. VCS scripts for detailing module dependencies
def type SomeType{
    def string = "Hello world"

def interface SomeInterface{
    def number: Int

def class SomeClass: SomeType, SomeInterface{
    override def number = 5

def sc = SomeClass()
println(sc.string) //Prints "Hello world"
println(sc.number) //Prints 5
Information updated 08/03/20
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