by Yuya Watari
Language where everything in its code is an operator.

Operator Only Language "Calc4"

What is "Operator Only" Language?

The biggest feature of Calc4 is that the program consists only of operators. But what does that mean?

Let's take a look by using the next simple code: 46

This code is actually composed by two operators, "4" and "6". There is no token such as "46". The operator "6" takes one operand and returns (operand * 10) + 6. Its operand is the result of the operator "4", which is similar.

[fib2|x, a, b|x ? ((x-1) ? ((x-1) {fib2} (a+b) {fib2}a) ? a) ? b] 38{fib2}1{fib2}0
Information updated 01/31/20
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