by Brian Ross
A simple, interpreted language that can be extended with the user's own C/C++ code.

Cicada Scripting Language

"Cicada" is a command-line, interpreted scripting language which is designed to embed the user's own C/C++ functions. The idea is to write nuggets of C code running at top speed for the time-consuming calculations, control them from Cicada's command prompt, and also let Cicada handle all of the administrative work like defining variables and writing files. Since only standard C libraries are used, Cicada should work on just about any platform.

absval :: {
       sign :: int
       sign = 1
       if args[1] < 0 then sign = -1
       args[1] = that*sign
    sqrt :: {
       return args^0.5
    modulus_sqrt :: absval : sqrt
Information updated 07/18/20
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