by Gabor de Mooij
Combination of Smalltalk, Self and JavaScript with PHP-like tags.

Citrine is an easy to read object oriented programming language for UNIX-like operating systems. It's intended to server web applications and websites.


  • Classless object orientation, no classes
  • Prototype inheritance (like JavaScript but without the complex syntax)
  • Smalltalk-like messaging
  • Garbage collection
  • Fully UTF8 compliant, objects and messages can even be emojicons
  • AST compilation
  • Mallable objects (you can change native objects like in JS)
  • Blocks (functions) are 1st class citizens
  • PHP-like template engine (<?) for extra development comfort
#This example demonstrates basic OO

Animal := Object new.

Animal on: 'eat' do: {\
	Pen write: 'munch! munch!'.

Cat := Animal new.
Cat on: 'eat' do: {\
	Pen write: 'meow', brk.
	me `eat.

blackCat := Cat new.
blackCat eat.
Information updated 01/24/16
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