Language for reliable, scalable, high performance concurrent, distributed and parallel systems.

Concurnas allows you to easily execute computation, concurrently, in separate thread-like containers called isolates via use of the bang ! operator.

Concurrent computation is often recognized as one of the most difficult aspects of modern software engineering

Notice how concurrent computation is a one liner in Concurnas, there is no worry about creating/managing threads, thread pools, life-cycles, locks (or deadlocks!), critical sections, synchronization, wait, notifying threads etc. All this hard stuff is taken care of automatically - leaving you to focus on what's important.

def gcd(x int, y int){//greatest common divisor of two integers
    (x, y) = (y, x mod y)

calc1 = gcd(8, 20)!//run this calculation in a isolate
calc2 = gcd(6, 45)!//run this calculation in a separate isolate

calc3 = calc1 if calc1 > calc2 else calc2
Information updated 01/31/20
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