by David Given
A self-hosted Ada-inspired programming language for very small systems.

Cowgol is an experimental, Ada-inspired language for very small systems (6502, Z80, etc). It’s different because it’s intended to be self-hosted on these devices: the end goal is to be able to rebuild the entire compiler on an 8-bit micro.

Right now it’s in a state where you can build the cross-compiler on a PC, then use it to compile the compiler for a 6502 (or Z80) device, and then use that to (slowly) compile and run real programs on a 6502 (or Z80). It’s theoretically capable of compiling itself but need memory tuning first. (And, realistically, bugfixing.)

sub takes_int32(i: int32)
end sub;

var i: int16 := 1;
takes_int32(i as int32);
Information updated 07/18/20
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