by Fu Limin
This project appears to have gone dormant. It will be removed from the list soon unless new activity is noted.
Dynamic OO language with a BNF-like macro system for defining new syntax.

Dao is a simple yet powerful object-oriented programming language. It features optional typing, a BNF-like macro system, regular expressions, multidimensional numeric array, asynchronous function call for concurrent programming, etc.

Support for multi-threaded programming is also implemented as an integrated part of Dao. Dao also provides some built-in methods for functional style programming. Network programming and concurrent programming via message passing interface are supported as part of the standard library of Dao. Moreover, Dao can be easily extended with C/C++, through a simple and transparent interface and easily embedded into other C/C++ programs as well.

# Here is a simple class:
class ClassOne
	var index = 0;  # instance variable with default value;
	var name  : string
	var words : list<string> = {}

	routine ClassOne( name :string, index = 0 ){
		self.name = name;
		self.index = index;

# Create a class instance:
object = ClassOne( 'abc' )
Information updated 05/17/20
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