by Paul Biggar
A language built for deployless backends

Backends are needlessly complicated.

Dark is a holistic programming language, editor, and infrastructure for building backends without accidental complexity.

Infrastructure Dark reduces your infrastructure to four simple concepts: HTTP endpoints, datastores, background workers, and scheduled jobs. We host and automatically scale the infrastructure for you. We also host your static assets.

Deployless Speed of developer iteration is the single most important factor in how quickly a technology company can move. That’s why Dark deploys code in 50ms. We’ve built Dark from the ground up to make this safe, using feature flags as a replacement for deployments, sandboxes, different environments, and even version control.

Live values See live requests made by your users, in your editor, in real-time. At any point while coding in Dark, you can see the real values of the expressions you're working on, updated live as you edit. It’s the best debugger we’ve ever used, a fantastic way to understand a codebase, and a great way to learn a language.

No public code examples until the public launch.
Information updated 08/23/20
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