by Kevin Vans-Colina
Interpreted language designed to be easy to use so anyone can pick it up and write a program.

Evolve is FREE to download and use interpreted programming language, it has been designed to be easy to use so anyone can quickly learn how to write a PC program. To this end the instruction set has been kept to a minimum and the commands and syntax have been kept as simple as possible.

It has a very small installation footprint so is ideal to use for programs you want to swap or pass onto someone else as it can easily be run from a USB stick.

Being an interpreted language this means that it runs directly from the source code unlike languages such as c++ where the programs are complied into machine code before they can run. Since it is interpreted there is no need to wait for compilation so this speeds up development. As the name suggests the language has been evolving for some time but is now the core commands and syntax are in a stable state so it is a good time to jump on board.

block Go

out "hello world"

sleep 5000

Information updated 04/04/16
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