by Marcus Zetterquist
General-purpose programming language with a unique take on programming and performanc


Floyd is a general-purpose programming language designed for making very large and robust programs that run really fast, while ducking many of the problems of older languages. Floyd wants to become a better choice than C++, Rust, C#, Python and Javascript for any project.

The goal is to make a programming language that:

  • Executes faster than the same programming written in C or C++ (with the same skills & time) - it should become the preferred language to write a video game engine with, for example

  • Makes it fast and simple to program - less accidental complexity

  • Helps you make big programs that are fun and straight forward to work on for a long time

  • Simple built-in support for concurrency and parallelism

struct my_gui_state_t {
	int _count

func my_gui_state_t my_gui__init(){
	send("a", "dec")

	return my_gui_state_t(0	)

func my_gui_state_t my_gui(my_gui_state_t state, json message){
	if(message == "inc"){
		return update(state, _count, state._count + 1)
	else if(message == "dec"){
		return update(state, _count, state._count - 1)
Information updated 07/18/20
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