by Adam Mcdaniel
A programming language with an unusual compiler backend

A terrible programming language that targets an even worse programming language.

I decided to name this programming language free because there are absolutely no memory constraints whatsoever. It's basically impossible for a free program to segfault or anything like that: you can arbitrarily assign to any memory location. This isn't by design. It's just a byproduct of the target programming language: SMPL.

fn start() {
    // Allocate 16 bytes of memory and store the pointer to that block in `str`
    def str = alloc(16);

    if 1 {
        *str = "True!\n\0";
    } else {
        *str = "False!\n\0";


fn cprint(str) {
    def counter = 0;
    def running = *add(str, counter);
    while running {
        counter = add(counter, 1);
        running = *add(str, counter);
Information updated 08/29/20
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