by Yutaka Saito
Iterator-oriented programming language for data processing

Gura is an iterator-oriented programming language that focuses on iterators with improved functions for calculation and data processing. It makes you be able to write an artificial code for what used to need a lot of codes of repeat syntax.

Gura has a variety of functions for convinient use of computers such as graphic image processing, GUI operation, HTTP access, database access, text operations like regular expression and CSV, etc. As for handling data exchanged among those functions, Implicit-mapping and Member-mapping would process them in an effective way.

Gura has a simple and easily-extensible syntax. It has a mechanism of variable-length arguments and named argument, and a flexible manner of parameter passing by block expression. Further more, with Quoted-values, you can create your original control statements by passing pre-evaluated expressions to functions. You can also add member functions or variables to already existing classes and instances.

prime() = {
        p = []
        for (n in 2..):xiter {
                if (!(n % p.each() == 0).or()) {
Information updated 01/22/14
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