Dynamically typed language with static scopes and other sanity fixes for common scripting pitfalls.

Horse64 is a high-level language that combines readability and clean dynamic typing, while not compromising on orderliness for large code bases.

To keep clean and minimal code, dynamic typing is kept at Horse64's core with no type annotations of any kind. But many scripting pitfalls that hurt maintainability are overhauled: solid static imports, a predictable compile-time checked scope, mostly compile-time resolved member and identifier access catching many typos, and more. This helps avoid nasty runtime surprises that often happen in larger scripting projects.

As a result, Horse64 remains as clean and accessible as popular scripting languages while eliminating much of the headache potential once your project gets more serious in size.

func print_inventory(inventory) {
    for item in inventory {
        print("Item: " + item)

func main {
    print_inventory(["banana", "chair", "blanket"])
Information updated 10/16/20
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