Safe and concurrent object-oriented programming, without the headaches.

Inko is an object-oriented programming language, focusing on making it fun and easy to write concurrent programs, without the headaches. It tries to achieve this by combining various features, such as its error handling model, a high performance garbage collector, the ability to easily perform concurrent tasks, and much more.


  • Lightweight processes that don't share memory.
  • Object-oriented.
  • Composition instead of inheritance.
  • Explicit handling of exceptions at the call site.
  • Gradually typed.
  • Parallel garbage collection per process.
  • Bytecode that is OS and architecture independent.
  • Requires only 5MB of disk space for the runtime and VM.
  • Free and Open Source, forever.
  • Built-in unit testing framework.
import std::process
import std::stdio::stdout

let proc = process.spawn {
  let message = process.receive as String

  # This will print "Hello world!" to STDOUT.

proc.send('Hello world!')
Information updated 07/18/20
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