A scripting language.


After reading an article about LLVM and how easy it is to create a DSL with it, I created this project (Sadly, I have no link the article itself). That was something I wanted to try. I started with some simple programming language constructs (and with no real concept of what the language should be). Additionally, I wanted to figure out how usable flex and bison are, since I didn't want to develop my own parser and lexer. All things which I had in my mind for a long time but never took the time to do. With LLVM it seams to be a feasible task. Just combining flex/bison with LLVM, voilĂ , that should be simple, right? However, while defining the syntax, more and more ideas of language elements that would be nice to have came up (thanks to @lucasb-eyer for the inspiring discussions). It resulted in a mix of some popular languages like python (at least the block formatting), ruby, some functional aspects and there may be others. Turns out that it took more time and effort than I thought. But it was still fun.

def simple
    int myint = 5
    def get() : int
        return self.myint

simple p

int i = p.get()
Information updated 07/18/20
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