by Stephen Cross
Multi-paradigm systems programming language.

Loci is a multi-paradigm systems programming language. Or, to describe it in a slightly more intuitive way, it’s very similar to, and a close competitor of, C++.

It’s a language that aims to not only fix many of the problems that plague C++, but also to introduce whole new paradigms and programming styles that are extremely useful for developers. Alongside that, of course, the language aims to have no performance overhead versus C and C++.

class ExampleClass(int a, int b) {
    // Constructor with default implementation.
    static create = default;

    int getA() const noexcept {
            return @a;

    int getB() const noexcept {
            return @b;

interface ExampleInterface {
    int getA() const;

void printA(const ExampleInterface& examplePoly) {
    printf(C"A equals %d.", examplePoly.getA());

int main() {
    auto exampleInst = ExampleClass(1, 2);
    return 0;
Information updated 12/01/15
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