by Fabio Cevasco
Functional, concatenative language with a minimalist syntax and advanced REPL.

min is a functional, concatenative programming language with a minimalist syntax, a small but practical standard library, and an advanced REPL. All packed in about 1MB*.


  • Entirely written in Nim. It can be easily embedded in other nim programs.
  • Follows the functional and concatenative programming paradigms.
  • Provides a wide range of combinators for advanced stack manipulation and dequoting.
  • Provides a minimal set of data types: integer, floats, strings, booleans, and quotations (lists).
  • Fully homoiconic, all code can be accessed as data via quotations.
  • Includes an advanced REPL with auto-completion and history management.
  • Provides a lightweight module system.
  • Provides sigils as syntactic sugar to access environment variables, quoting, defining and binding data, etc.
  • Includes a small, useful standard library for common tasks.
  • Self-contained, statically compiled into single file.
; This is a comment
(1 2 3 4 5) (dup *) map
Information updated 11/11/17
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