Highly flexible, Tcl-based, object-oriented scripting language.

Next is a highly flexible, Tcl-based, object-oriented scripting language. It is a descendant of XOTcl and was designed based on 10 years of experience with XOTcl in projects containing several hundred thousand lines of code. While XOTcl was the first language designed to provide language support for design patterns and to provide a highly dynamic programming environment, the Next Scripting Framework (NSF) and Next add to these features support for language-oriented programming.

Next is designed to improve maintainability of large systems involving teams of developers by removing sources of common errors. It encourages developers to write better structured programs by providing clear interfaces. Explicit interfaces improve reliability and reuse of components. Next facilitates language learning for novices by adopting a streamlined terminology. The Next Scripting Language is implemented fully scripted on top of the Next Scripting Framework (NSF). Next and NSF are available under the terms of the MIT license.

package require nx

nx::Class create Greeter {
  :property name:required
  :public method "say hello" {} {
    puts "Welcome ${:name}!"
  :public method "say bye" {} {
    puts "Goodbye ${:name}!"
Information updated 04/04/16
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