by Amos Wenger
A programming language with objects, first-class functions, and pink unicorns.

From the initial blog post:

For starters, it’s another approach to object-orientedness in C. The main compiler implementation is written in Java, and it outputs pure C, which can then be compiled e.g. by gcc (only test platform so far). It tries to be less cumbersome and bloated than C++, and a tad friendlier, too.

The short-term goal is attained: being able to write clean, object-oriented Java-like code and have it compile via gcc, with the performance and libraries of C.

parse: func {
    PropReader new(path, props)

    // parse deps
    requires := props get("Requires")
    if (requires) {
        deps addAll(requires split(',', false) map (|dep| dep trim(" \t")))
Information updated 08/28/15
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