by Damián Gabriel Paz Adderly
Scripting language with a very similar syntax to that of C++ and C#.

OwlSLis a programming language based on C++ and C#. It was born out of the desire of having a scripting language that could be easily embedded into a C++ application and that it's syntax would resemble as much as possible to that of C++.


  • Strongly Typed C++/C# like syntax.
  • Classes
  • if/else, for, while, switch control structures.
  • Can be easily embeded in any c++ application.
  • Has methods for helping interfacing c++ quite easily
  • Script Callbacks
  • Compiles on Windows, Linux and Android.
  • UTF16 strings
  • Can parse UTF16 script files.
  • Templated types from host application.
  • Released under the Zlib License.
// program1.c  
    class test  
        number num;  
        void set_number(number val)  
            num = val;  
        number get_number()  
            return num;  
    class Program  
        void Main()  
            bool condition = 1>0;  
            list<test> lst;  
            if (condition)  
                for (number n=0; n<10; ++n)  
                    ref<test> r =;  
Information updated 11/18/17
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