by Atle Solbakken
Web programming language with C-like syntax.

P (pronounced P-star) is a programming language specifically designed for web development. P provides easy in-language support for common tasks in this field.

P is a computer programming language specifically designed to make web progamming easy by incorporating frequent operations into the language. P uses a C-like syntax, so it would be easy to begin using if you have ever used C, C#, C++, Java, Perl, PHP and many others. P* is also highly inspired from some of these languages, and tries to implement the best of them while also using completely new methods for solving different programming tasks.

#!/usr/bin/wpl -f
SCENE main {
	/* Create a variable named 'env' of special type 'ENV' */
	ENV env;

	/* Create a variable named 'path' of type 'string' */
	string path;

	/* Tell the env variable to retrieve the environment
	   variable PATH and put the result into our 'path' variable */
	path = env->PATH;

	/* Put the variable 'path' into a text string and then print it out */
	echo "My shell looks for programs in these directories: $path\n";
Information updated 08/28/15
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