by Mark R. Banniste
Language designed to simplify the development of small and large-scale networked applications.

In distributed computing environments, getting software components to integrate and communicate with each other can involve large teams of developers, and involve significant amounts of time and money. Such projects can be very difficult to manage.

PROSE is designed from the ground-up to address these challenges with a range of innovative features that are unique to the language. It consists of:

  • A high-level modular scripting language, which compiles into bytecode
  • An assembly language for low-level bytecode development
  • An execution engine, which interprets the bytecode
  • A hierarchical object tree through which all components are addressed
    EQUS {[loft.util]}

    func/def     [main], &[.dump]

    reg/load     PUSH, (![.prose])
    obj/dump     PEEK

    reg/load     P0, (PEEK)
    reg/jmpeq    &[.loop_next], P0, NULL
    obj/dump     P0
    reg/load     P1, (P0)
    reg/jmpeq    &[.loop], P1, NULL

    stack/push   P1
    local/jmp    &[.loop]

    reg/clr      PULL
    reg/jmpneq   &[.loop], PEEK, LOCK
Information updated 04/04/16
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