by Philip Freeman and others
Haskell-like functional language compiling to Javascript.

Purescript is a Haskell-like language with a strict evaluation, a sophisticated type system, a working Javascript back end, and backends for other languages such as Lua and C++ in various states of progress. Its feature set (from its home page) includes: Algebraic data types, Pattern matching, Type inference, Type classes, Higher kinded types, Rank-N types, Extensible records, Extensible effects, Modules, Simple FFI, No runtime system, and Human-readable output.

import Flare
import Flare.Smolder
ui :: UI _ H.Markup
ui = greet <$> string "Name" "World"
  greet name = h1 $ text $ "Hello, " <> name <> "!"
Information updated 01/03/17
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