by Sajjad Heydari
A low level language that has functional properties and can be linked with C

Rumi is a WIP compiler.

The goal is to have a language that is low level, has functional properties, can be linked with c, doesn't make local functions a nightmare, has a compile time language that is the same as the runtime language, and focuses on making programming joyful.

It is implemented with flex, bison and llvm.

Comments and /*nested*/ comments are a thing

ptinf(T: string, c: ... any) -> int; // We just declare the signature, it is implemented in a c file

MyStruct: Struct{
  id: int;
  age: u8;

main := ()-> int{
  a : int;
  a =1;

  b: int = 2;

  c := a + b;

  printf("The value of c is %d\n", c); // 3

  arr : int[10];
  mys : MyStruct; = 2;
  arr[0] =;

  printf("The id is %d, and the 0th element is %d\n",, arr[0]); // 2, 2

  // We also have pointers:

  p : *int;
  p = &c;

  *p = 2;

  printf("The value of c is %d\n", c); // 2

  return 0;
Information updated 07/18/20
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