by Joshua Thijssen
This project appears to have gone dormant. It will be removed from the list soon unless new activity is noted.
Object-oriented scripting language mixing Python, PHP, and Ruby.

Saffire is a new, scripting language, based primarily on Python, PHP, and Ruby. Our goal is to blend all the good things of those languages into a new one. Saffire primary selling points:

  • Everything is an object.
  • Unicode support out of the box.
  • CLI & FastCGI interfaces.
  • Operator and method overloading.
import io;

class Foo {
	const FOOBAR = "foobar";

	protected property a = 1;

	public method ctor() {
		// Constructor

	public method foo() {
		return self.a;

f = Foo();
io.print ("The value is: ",;
Information updated 11/11/17
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