A portable functional programming language running on Lisp.

Shen is a portable functional programming language that offers

  • pattern matching
  • λ calculus consistency
  • macros
  • optional lazy evaluation
  • static type checking
  • an integrated fully functional Prolog
  • an inbuilt compiler-compiler

Shen has one of the most powerful type systems within functional programming. Shen runs under a reduced instruction Lisp and is intended for a wide variety of platforms. Hence our goal and our motto; 'write once, run anywhere'.

Shen includes sources and is absolutely free for commercial use. It currently runs under CLisp with SBCL, Scheme and Javascript to follow.

(define foldl
  F Z [] -> Z
  F Z [X | Y] -> (foldl F (F Z X) Y))

(foldl (function +) 0 [1 2 3])
Information updated 08/28/15
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