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Safe language embracing the good side of JavaScript and avoiding the bad side.

Spider is a brand new language to avoid JavaScript’s bad side while embracing its good side. It takes the best ideas of Go, Swift, Python, C# and CoffeeScript, and targets ES5 and ES6.

  • Instead of bringing a completely new indentation-based syntax like CoffeeScript, Spider preserves JavaScript's familiar syntax that we all use everyday.
  • Instead of just introducing classes, Spider embraces JavaScript's prototype-based OOP and makes it much easier to use using keywords like extends and super.
  • Spider is fully compatible with libraries like Angular.js, Meteor, jQuery, Sails.js and other existing JS libraries without any extra effort.
  • Spider is an extremely safe language. It has a great compile-time error reporting system, and all uses of the global scope must be explicit. Spider also fixes many JavaScript problems. For example, == is automatically compiled to ===, and the typeof operator supports array, date, regexp and more.
  • Spider has useful syntactic sugar like Splats, Array Slicing and Splicing, Existential Operator, Ranges, List Comprehensions, Destructuring, Curried Functions and much more.
  • Spider has strong concurrency features such as Async/Await and Channels.
  • Spider compiles to ES6, and has an ES5 target that uses Google's Traceur Compiler behind the scenes.
  • Spider also has great debugging support.
fn TimeMachine(pilot) {
  this.pilot = pilot;

  this.go = fn (noise) {

fn Tardis()
  extends TimeMachine("The Doctor") {

  this.go = () =>
    super.go("vorp vorp");

fn DeLorean()
  extends TimeMachine("Marty") {

  this.go = () =>
    super.go("One point twenty-one gigawatts!");

for timeMachine in ::getTimeMachines() {
Information updated 01/24/16
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