by Bob Nystrom
Small, clean, fast, class-based scripting language for embedding.

Wren is a small, clean, fast, class-based scripting language. Think Smalltalk in a Lua-sized package.

  • Wren is small. The codebase is under 4,000 semicolons which keeps the language and libraries small enough to fit in your head. You can skim the whole thing in one sitting.

  • Wren is clean. The codebase is small, but not dense. It is readable and lovingly-commented. It's written in warning-free standard C99.

  • Wren is fast. A fast single-pass compiler to tight bytecode, and a compact object representation help Wren compete with other dynamic languages.

  • Wren is class-based. There are lots of scripting languages out there, but many have unusual or non-existent object models. Wren places classes front and center.

  • Wren is a scripting language. Wren is intended for embedding in applications. It has no dependencies, a small standard library, and an easy-to-use C API.

IO.print("Hello, world!")

class Wren {
  adjectives = ["small", "clean", "fast"]
  languageType {
Information updated 01/07/15
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